Where Can You Take Your goFridge?

On a Picnic with your Sweetheartgofridge-suggested-page

To the Big Game with the Guys

To you BFF’s BBQ

To your Mother-In-Law’s Thanksgiving

On a Deep Sea Fishing Expedition

Cross-Country Road Trips

Cross-Town Road Trips

To Your Secret Basement Lair (AKA ManCave)

To Your Garage

On Your Private Jet

To Disaster Areas for Relief Work

On Stakeouts

To your Office (Stay out, Brenda!)

To the Church Potluck

Kid’s Practice

Big Game (and Small Game) Hunting

To Your Favorite Off-the-Grid Location

To Visit Your Grandkids in Abilene

To the Beach

On the Party Bus

On Your Twilight RV Journey (Silver Fox not included)

To Your Nephew’s Bar Mitzvah

Thwart the Office Snack Thief!

By storing your tasty treats in your private mini fridge, you can ensure that your yogurt is always there when you want it. No more dealing with the mysterious, unlabeled contents of the community fridge, and the unsavory characters that frequent it.

Going Tailgating?

It will easily hold a 12 pack of bottles, with plenty of room for sandwiches and snacks. Show the other team what REAL tailgating looks like!

Planning a Camping Trip?

Cool your camping rations while driving to your favorite site, then let the insulated goFridge keep them cold! After 1 hour held at cool temps, the goFridge will maintain temps below 50 degrees for up to 4 hours! It’s a mini fridge and cooler, all in one!