We have had the mini fridge less than one month and are extremely pleased. It performs exactly as advertised. The beverages are ice cold. It is compact and light weight. For the price you could easily buy two if needed. It outperforms the two previous expensive frigs we had that only lasted a year and didn't keep things cold.

- ckins

Nice Mini Fridge

First off, I really like the way this fridge looks. It is very sleek and attractive. I work for a designer accessories company, so style is a big thing for me. I use it mainly in my office for my lunch and my energy drinks. After a couple of my coworkers were victims of (admittedly hilarious) office pranks, I decided it was probably in my best interest to protect my lunch. I keep this fridge under my desk, and only a couple of coworkers even know that I have it. Both of them have asked where I got it, and plan to get their own as well. So far it is working really well for me, and it is really handy to not have to leave my desk when I am in the middle of a project to get a caffeine boost. Good product, does what I expect it to do, and looks cool. Very pleased.

- Brian

Great for Outdoors

This is actually the second goFridge I have purchased. I got one of these for my father-in-law last summer for father’s day, and my husband was so jealous that I had to get one for him, too. They are both avid outdoorsman, and my father-in-law has taken it boating, camping, and fishing. He likes that he can plug it into his truck during his trip, so that everything is ready when he gets to his campsite. He mainly uses it for bottled water and snacks, and for storing his fish until he gets back home. I was really surprised at how lightweight it was compared to a cooler, and the position of the handle makes it much easier for someone to carry by themselves. This is a really handy little machine, my husband is already planning to take it on a fishing trip next weekend. I’m sure he can’t wait to make his fishing buddies jealous!

- Jacqueline D.

This college student gives it 2 thumbs up

The gofridge is awesome. Seriously. I had a different mini fridge before this one, and this one is a million times better. First, it is portable. This is a huge plus for me because I can load up my drinks at the house for when we have guests, and if the party moves, I can just grab the fridge and take it with me. I had it setup last weekend in our living room for the game, and it was great. We didn’t miss any of the action running to grab drinks. My buddies all talked about how sweet it is. I can’t wait to take it tailgating in the fall, it is going to be perfect for that. Another reason I love the gofridge is that I live in a house with 4 roommates who do not have a ton of respect for personal property. I can keep my stuff in my room, and have actually been able to drink a jug of juice BY MYSELF DIRECTLY FROM THE CONTAINER. Usually, I get to drink the first glass when I open it, and then it vanishes before I get to drink any more of it. That was the main reason why I wanted a new mini fridge, but the other features that the gofridge had definitely made this the best choice, and I am really glad that I got it. The gofridge also looks a lot cooler than the other mini fridges I looked at. I really like the window, and the color. Also, there is a blue light inside, SWEET!! Overall, this is just a super cool mini fridge with great features. The price was pretty great, too, and I got it really fast. I definitely recommend this mini fridge!

- B. Smith

Nice Mini Fridge

Very nice minifridge. Got it for my husband for the garage. Works well, like the style. Would recommend to others looking for a small fridge for similar uses.

- Rachael

Great for Camping

This mini fridge has been a lifesaver this summer. We hauled it to the lake, hiking, kayaking, on all sorts of adventures, and it was a champ. We mostly just used it for bottles of water, and it did a great job of keeping them cold. Highly recommend this mini fridge, we love it!

- B. Pross