The Perfect Graduation Gift For Any Graduate!



Graduation! Caps are in the air, relief and excitement lights the eyes of those who have completed one of their first major life goals, and pride shines like a beacon from the families who have gotten them to this point.


Some students will be moving on to higher education, others taking a break before college, and some will be going straight to work. Regardless of their post graduation plans, you want to get them that perfect gift that says, “I know you well enough to know what you would like, and want to show you my support for your future plans, whatever they may be.”


It’s tricky to find the perfect gift. An engraved pen, perhaps? No, too corny. A giftcard or cash? Too impersonal. A private jet? Too extravagant.


Somewhere between engraved pen and private jet lies the sweet spot, where the gift is personal and meaningful without being too boring or too ridiculous. And directly in the center of that sweet spot is the ideal gift. The one that isn’t too expensive, but clearly not cheap, and that can fit the future plans of any graduate, and that they will be excited and surprised to receive.


That’s right, I’m talking about the goFridge. This sweet little portable electric cooler is versatile enough to fit any situation that someone who is facing the world on their own for the first time is bound to encounter!

1. Great for Higher EducationCollege students studying together in campus ground

Want to celebrate a graduate who is moving on to pursue a college degree? A goFridge is a fantastic gift idea! Not only can they use it as a dorm fridge, it is also perfect for tailgates, parties, and whatever other new experiences they have in store for them!

2. Perfect For Gap-Year Two hikers with backpacks standing on top of a mountain and looking to a valley

If the graduate you want to recognize is planning on taking on the world before heading off to college, a goFridge is a great addition to their travel armory. Ideal for camping, cross-country roadtrips, tailgating parties, and adventure of all sorts, with their new goFridge, you can be sure that they will always have a cool beverage by their side.

3. Ideal for Straight to Work hardware shop storekeeper counting stock

Looking for a gift for the graduate who will be heading straight to work after graduation? A goFridge is the perfect gift! If they will be living at home while they get on their feet, a mini fridge helps to build their independence by allowing them to be responsible for their own food and beverages. If they are planning on moving out, especially with roommates, a mini fridge will help them to protect their food from human scavengers.


Show them all that you are the “cool aunt” with a gift that is sure to please any graduate. If you need further proof of how versatile this gift is, feel free to read about all of the amazing uses we have discovered for the goFridge so far!

If you are ready, go ahead and buy it now for delivery in time for the big day!