Secret Beer Fridge Saves The Day!

Colorful Fireworks for the Grand Finale over LakeEvery year for the 4th of July we throw a huge block party. All of our neighbors, friends, and family gather on the dock to enjoy some icy brews and a dip in the lake. We make a big batch of margaritas, and fill the coolers to the brim with the cheapest domestic beer, soda, bottled water, and Capri Sun’s.

This year, the weather was beautiful. The ladies wore their sundresses, the kids ran around in swimsuits, and I have never seen such a variety of strange colored shorts on a group of men! We were having a blast, playing our music too loud, competing in cannonball contests, and splashing grandma when she wasn’t looking. Everything was as it should be…

My thirst finally got the better of me, and I pulled myself out of the lake and flipped open the cooler, ready for my first (ok, maybe it wasn’t my first… we’ll go with third) drink of a refreshing alcoholic summer beverage. No dice. I tried the second cooler only to find plenty of bottled water and a few Capri Sun’s. In a panic, I did a quick count of cans in hands, as well as abandoned empties, and found what I refused to believe to, in fact, be true.

We were out of beer.

Nothing puts a damper on a festive occasion quite like running low on your favorite frosty brew. Of course, out here at the lake, there are limited options for resupply, and the Mom & Pop up the street had already closed up shop so that they could enjoy their own holiday. Even if we were able to obtain a case of beer, it wouldn’t be cold by the time we got our own firework display started, and I would rather serve no beer than warm beer.

My alcohol soaked and sun drenched brain went into overtime. There had to be a solution to this problem!

I found my wife in the kitchen, cleaning up from dinner and preparing dessert, ever the perfect hostess. I have never heard sweeter words than the ones she spoke to me that day.

“Sweetheart, I put a case of beer in the goFridge for backup for you. It’s in the garage.”