Protect Your Snacks in Your Secret Bedroom Mini Fridge!

Bedroom minifridges are a very highly requested gift item this year, especially for students of all ages! Whether you are looking for something that easily travels from home to dorm life, or just a hiding spot for your favorite snacks, we have you covered.Interior of boy's room. 3d render.

The goFridge is the ideal choice for a reliable, cheap mini fridge for bedrooms!


Because we said so.

Just kidding, we aren’t your Dad!

Here are 5 totally legit reasons why the goFridge is the best gift choice for anyone in your life who requires food and water to live.

1. The goFridge is Portable!

This means that it can instantly transform from being a bedroom fridge into a portable electric cooler simply by flicking a switch and swapping the plug. Not only that, it is insulated to help keep it’s cool even when not plugged in! Great for going from dorm to tailgate, or from workout to outdoors.

2. Inexpensive to Purchase AND Run!

According to recent research by Consumer Reports, many mini fridges can actually use more energy to run than standard refrigerators! This is not the case with the goFridge! Because of it’s thermoelectric cooling mechanism, and 12 volt design, it takes only 50 watts to cool the goFridge, compared to the approximately 300 watts that can be used by compressor style mini fridges. So not only are they inexpensive to purchase, they are much cheaper to operate than standard minifridges.

3. Keep Snacky Siblings at Bay!

All of us have our own favorite treats that we just don’t want to share. With the goFridge, you can make sure that you always have your favorites close at hand. With the clear window front, inventory management is also a breeze! You can immediately identify if your supply is running low, or if you have been the victim of snack theft. The chrome door handle can also hold incriminating fingerprints for a short period of time, allowing you to use forensics to determine the correct culprit.

4. Keep Necessary Meds Close at Hand!

Have a child with a condition that requires refrigerated medications? By keeping their medicine stored in your room* in a goFridge, you are not only able to quickly grab it for traveling, you can also have it close at hand if there are any night time emergencies. This also keeps it out of the main refrigerator, reducing risk of accidental ingestion and contamination of food products.  *We do not recommend storing the medication in your child’s room. Safety first!*

5. Help Save Mom’s Diet!

Just because you don’t want to be on your Mom’s diet, doesn’t mean that you can’t support her! It can be challenging to live in a house with a dieter, especially since it often trickles down to the rest of the family. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy or lose weight. However, every one in the household may not require the same dietary constraints. This way, you can choose to have your treats, out of the public eye, and without making Mom regret that she gave up soda.

See? We told you! 5 excellent reasons why you not only NEED a bedroom minifridge, but why goFridge is the perfect choice.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy it already!