5 Reasons why TailGating is Better with goFridge

There is nothing quite like tailgating season! The air is thick with the first hints of fall, the smell of dogs and burgers, and the excitement of the fans. For many, this is their favorite season! Whether you are all-pro or prefer collegiate sports, the excitement of the game is undeniable. If you are going to be participating in tailgating activities this fall, then it may be time to step up your game.

So why do you need a goFridge to complete your tailgating experience? Here’s the top 5 reasons why!go-fridge-tailgat-5-reasons

1. Because Sharing is Never Required!


If you want to share your frosty beverages, then by all means, display your goFridge proudly on your tailgate for your buddies to partake. However, if you only packed enough for your crew, then the goFridge can easily be left inside your vehicle for quick and easy discrete access. Unlike giant coolers which you have no option but to leave in the bed of the truck, the goFridge is compact enough to easily be stowed away for your private stash.

2. Beer Should Only Taste Like Beer!go-fridge-tailgat-2

Often, beer isn’t the only thing you take to the game. You may have raw hamburger meat and hot dogs that you also want to keep cool until the time is right. By placing these in your cooler with your beverages, you are contaminating the entire cooler with the juices from these meats, including harmful bacteria like salmonella. If you have ever had food poisoning, then you must likely know that somewhere with only port a potty access is not a good place to be hugging the ceramic (or plastic, in this case). With the goFridge, you can utilize the included shelves to store your meat below your brews, so there is no cross contamination! Plus, it keeps that first sip of beer from tasting like old hot dog water, which besides all of the health issues, is frankly just gross.

3. A Cold Beer is Better in Warm Hands!go-fridge-tailgat-3

Along with fall comes cooler temperatures, and we all know that means it is time for our favorite winter gear to start making appearances! Hats, scarves, and gloves are all a part of the tailgating experience. However, with a standard cooler, it always seems like the brews start running low about the time a chill sets in the air. This means that about the time you are ready to pull those gloves on typically corresponds with the time that you have to start digging in a bucket of freezing ice to find those last few cold ones. Not with goFridge! Everything is easy to access, and requires no glove removal to obtain a cool beverage.

4. Always Know When You’re Running Low!go-fridge-tailgat-4

There is no worse feeling than digging deep in the frozen depths of a cooler to find that someone has already snagged your last cold one. Then you are left with nothing but cold hands, a dry throat, and a vendetta against whoever took the last beer. With goFridge, there are no surprises. The clear picture window allows you to know exactly how many you have left- and when it might be time to cut some of your thirstier comrades off (you know who you are, Drew).

5.Competition Goes Beyond the Field!go-fridge-tailgat-5

Up your game! Sports fans are just as competitive as the players themselves, so show up the other team by outshining their tailgating efforts. The men will have a hard time containing their jealousy, and the women will be ready to abandon their colors for a team that REALLY knows how to party!

Whatever your reason, tailgating with goFridge just makes the whole experience better. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now!