Mini Fridge, Cooler, and Warmer in One!

We are all looking for more freedom in this world- more opportunity to explore, adventure, and live life to the fullest.

However, this is often limited by our desire to stay alive. Unfortunately, people require sustenance to live, mainly food and beverages.

Up until now, in order to keep your beverages chilled to perfection in the wilderness, you have had to lug around a large box weighed down with enough ice to build an igloo.

Ridiculous! Impractical! That is what we thought, too.

Introducing the goFridge!

Much like Chewbacca is more than just a Wookie, the goFridge is more than just a mini fridge. It’s also a cooler. It’s also a place to keep all of your tools for a magical adventure.

Ok, well, mostly it is a fridge and a cooler. But, it is a REALLY COOL fridge and cooler!go-fridge-gift

This unique item (which makes a perfect gift for dads, grads, students, uncles, debutantes, social divas, party animals, and more, by the way) uses thermoelectric technology to maintain the perfect temperature, regardless of your situation.

When plugged in, this mini fridge will heat or cool as needed to combat external forces of temperature. That means that your secret beer stash in the garage will always be cool, even when temperatures soar. It also means that same beer won’t freeze when temps drop in the winter. We keep you at a perfect 40 degrees in any scenario (or whatever temperature you choose, from 40-140 degrees).

When unplugged, this insulated fridge becomes the perfect cooler. The fold down carry handle makes for easy transport to your favorite secluded area, picnic spot, or event. So now, you can share those perfectly chilled brews with the boys anywhere you want, without the hassle of moving them into a cooler. Just unplug, grab, and go!

Planning on hosting a party? Keep guests out of your personal fridge, and reduce all of the drips created by grabbing beverages from coolers.

Party goers can clearly see what is in the goFridge without even opening the door, meaning that diving trips to find the last Mountain Dew are a thing of the past!

The goFridge can help you keep your cool in any situation! Click here to learn more about the many uses for the goFridge, or just go ahead and buy it already!